Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Comment Problems and a Solution

I know many of the readers of this blog have been frustrated with not being able to post a comment. I too have been frustrated by not being able to reply to people that have been able to leave a comment. And I also have been frustrated because I am not able to leave a comment on other blogs I follow like, Keeping Up With Glenn Reubon. You may have experienced that your comment simply does not post, or you may have recieved a message that says to the effect that you are using an unsupported browser. Yesterday I believe I discovered the problem, and in the most simplest of terms it is that Apple and Google don't get along so well.  Here is what I found.  I use and post with my laptop, a MacBook Pro, an Apple Product.  My blog however is on Blogspot, a Google product. Apple comes equiped with their own browser which is Safari.  Google however uses Google for their browser.  What I did yesterday, using my iPhone that proved to be successful was instead of using Safari to access my blog, I used the Google app to search for Cascade Rambling and the blog.  It worked, I can now leave a comment.  I have not figured out yet how to access Google directly on the laptop, and seaching for Google with Safari means that Safari is the browser. The bottom line is if you want to leave a comment on my blog, make sure you are using Google as your browser. In a phone call with John West yesterday he discovered that Microsoft Edge will also work with a Google product, so either of those two will apparently work.  Good luck, and thanks for all your support over the many years.

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