Monday, April 6, 2020

Birding in the age of Corona Virus

 Our birding destination for yesterday morning, after finding a locked gate at Sarah Helmick State Park, was the Willamette River Trail in Independence. We are very grateful that city parks are open to walk in even though restrooms are locked. Jeanette is shown here demonstrating her emergency face mask, a gloved hand over her nose and mouth. The sign calls attention to Gov Brown's proclamation of 6 foot social distancing. This concrete walkway at 8 feet wide works well, and all the walkers we meant were very observant and courteous. Below are the birds I was able to photograph.  For the complete observation list click here.

 A pair of Common Mergansers in Ash Creek caught our attention right away.  This is the male, the female is out of the frame. 

 An Osprey passed overhead.  Their nest site is close by in the Riverview Park

A Northern Flicker was busy working on a nesting cavity.

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