Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Walk For Buster

As Buster continues to age, his preference is to sleep more, and he particularly likes to sleep in longer in the morning.  It has changed our schedule over the last couple of years in that Jeanette and I tend to do things in the morning and then take him for a walk later when it has warmed up and he is ready to go some place.  In the last two weeks our new normal has become that in the morning Jeanette and I go out to Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge (where dogs are not allowed) for a good bird walk, and then after lunch we take Buster for a short walk in a park some place.  Yesterday the park was Mt Fir Park in Independence.

Jeanette is shown here walking the path along the South Fork of Ash Creek in Mt Fir Park.

 Buster brings up the rear,  kind of dragging his feet, making slow progess along the path.

 Buster continues to lag behind

After we left the path along the creek and took the paved walkway back to the car Buster was in his "back to the barn" mode and out in front.  Hard to know sometimes wether his slowness is physical or mental.  As you can see, social distance is not a problem here. 

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