Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Changing It Up

Every day we take a bird walk and a walk for Buster, but both of those are at such a slow pace that we don't get any kind of cardiovascular benifit. For the last two days we have changed up our routine to include a bicycle ride. This morning our destination was the Dallas Pickleball Club where Jeanette is axious to play again once the quarantine is lifted. This ride gave us a chance to check out a couple of different routes that Jeanette can use to ride her bike to pickleball from the Dallas Retirement Village. The opportunities for convenient cycling was one of the factors that played into our decsion to more to the DRV. Now that we are settled in and the weather is starting to warm we are excited to make bicycling a part of our life again.


  1. Thanks, I assume this is from John West

  2. Yes, Sir, thanks for the call and now I'll now to use a different browser to post comments to you Cascade Ramblings, Man. ;0

  3. Me too!
    Using Google as the browser allows us to comment.
    AT LAST! Jim solved the mystery.

  4. I had to look up pickle ball ....looks like fun, as is bicycle riding. ... I can comment, but I'm on an Apple