Saturday, February 11, 2017

William Heise County Park

Jeanette deserves the credit for this well composed shot of our campsite in William Heise County Park where we moved on Friday afternoon to escape a crowd gathering in our original campsite of Thursday night. We became surrounded with campers in the #1 camping circle, here at #2 we had it all to ourselves. We had left Vallecito Stage Station County Park on Thursday morning in the Anza Borrego Desert area in order to avoid the heat that was coming in the high eighties. The choice of William Heise Park at 4200' was an easy one, in fact we were here two years ago on the very same day for the very same reason, that of escaping the heat.  We have appreciated the lush vegetation and pine and oak trees on both trips, and we have also enjoyed great birding with lots of hiking opportunities. On this Saturday morning a big weather change brought in rain and with temps expected to cool into the 30's, so we fled down the mountain this morning to the lower elevations of the town of Ramona to do laundry and buy groceries and camp at Dos Picos County Park, elevation 1500'.

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