Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gila Woodpecker in the Sunset

For the past two days we have been the guests of our gracious hosts Ed and Joyce Dart at their winter place in The Foothills in Yuma.  They have a double lot with hook-ups, so it's been an easy place to park. They are long time friends that I grew up with in Lebanon, Oregon. Also living in the winter at The Foothills are Duane and Gwen Christiansen, another set of long time friends from Lebanon.  It's been great getting together and trying to remember other friends from the past.  The birds have been rather sparse, but tonight, which is our last night here, we got in a nice bird walk and found a birdy area and I was able to get this photo of a Gila Woodpecker in a palm tree lit by the orange light of a sunset.

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