Monday, February 13, 2017

Dos Picos County Park

Dos Picos in Spanish means two peaks, but it's hard to decide what two peaks they might be referring to as this campground is surrounded by many rocky peaks. In the last five nights we have stayed in three different San Deigo county parks.  Because of the vast size and great geographical variety of the county we have been able to chose our campground based on the weather and temperature we wanted. A pretty unique experience and one that we hope to repeat. The campgound at Dos Picos has 64 spaces and is well maintained with lots of trees and shrubs. The placement of sites are well thought out to allow for a variety of camping choices. There are trails to hike and explore, but the magnet for us and the birds is a small pond, which for its size holds a surprising amount of water fowl. Yesterday we turned in an amazing list of 38 species of birds during our morning of birding.  Click here for the list.

One of our favorite photos of the morning was this beautiful pair of Gadwall.

Beside birds we also enjoyed watching turtles like this adult and baby Red-Eared Slider.

Yesterday's birding effort was so successful, but draining, that today we sort of felt that we needed a day off and are doing a travel day.  More on that tomorrow.

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