Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Golden Acorn Casino

We left Dos Picos Park yesterday morning with the plan of traveling to another San Diego County Park, Lake Morena for a stay of a day or two.  However when we arrived we were surprised to find we had no cell phone service.  We checked with the Ranger Station, and there is only AT&T coverage.  No cell service is a deal breaker for us.  We depend on cell service for a major part of our daily life.  We use the Internet to log our daily bird observations, for posting my blog, our planning for RV destinations, route finding, the weather, the news, and contact with family and friends.  So, we decided to travel on. We had loaded fresh water before leaving Dos Picos and dumped the black and grey tanks, so we were good to explore, but we did need fuel.  We were told the best place for fuel was a the nearby Gold Acorn Casino on I-8.  Casinos mean a free place to park.  After getting fuel we looked over the parking lot and discovered there was space aplenty. Some casino lots are crowded and busy.  As you can see this one had lots of space and proved to be very quiet.  Being completely self contained its pretty easy to just park and relax for the afternoon and evening.  I thought I would take my valentine out for a prime rib dinner as advertised, but when she checked the reviews, she decided she would rather make dinner in the motor home.

 Even in a casino parking lot there are opportunities to observe birds. Here are some that I enjoyed.

 Common Ravin

California Thrasher

California Scrub-Jay

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