Saturday, May 14, 2016

More Rambling in the Cascades

Jeanette is shown sitting on the shoreline of Fish Lake making up a written list of the birds we found on and around the lake.  Normally the list is made on one of our iPhones as we bird, but here at Fish Lake the cell service was so poor that we reverted back to the old fashioned method of pen and paper. In our recent ramblings around the Cascades we had cell service from no service to four bars of service.  Fish Lake is tucked into a unique area between the West (or Old) Cascades and the younger taller main Cascades. Ancient lava fields dominate the area, and Fish Lake is a lake that disappers in the summer as the water drains out of the porous lake bed.  The historic Fish Lake Remount Depot is located on the shore line, and in summer Fish Lake and nearby Lava Lake provided forage and hay for stock used at the Depot and the historic Santiam Wagon Road. As a youngster I can remember my dad driving through the dry lake bed on our way to fish at Clear Lake. Because Jeanette and I both have childhood memories of outings in the Cascades, and many experiences together of hiking, skiing and biking in the Cascades, we are enjoying revisting many of our old haunts and recalling the many good memories. These ramblings are now taylor made for our aging bodies by using our Free Spirit camping van.

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