Thursday, May 12, 2016

Escape into the Cascades

Park Creek with the Three Pyrmids in the background.

We recently started a new chapter in our RV life by deciding to take shorter trips and downsize to a van. We have already taken several short trips to the coast of just a few days.  On this outing we were feeling the pull up the Santiam River and into the Cascades.  My parents, who have been our mentors in the RV life style, loved this area and, at the "drop of the hat", would escape into the Cascades in the summer. My dad suffered from grass allergies, so time spend in the Cascades gave him relief. This particular area of Park Creek was a favorite.  My first trip here was on my first cross county ski trip with the Chemeketans in 1974.  We skied into this bridge at Park Creek for our lunch stop.  I was so taken with the location and the fishing possibilities that I was sure my dad would enjoy.  After taking him here it became a place that he returned to for many years.

parked for the night

On this trip we attempted to get to the bridge from Highway 22, but were stopped by downed trees.  We cicled around and came in from Highway 20.  With virtually no traffic we decided to park for the night at juction above the bridge, as it was the most level.

Jeanette shows Buster snow

A few feet around the corner was a snow bank that Jeanette enticed Buster to explore. The elevation here is 3570', and yet most of the ground is already bare. In fact, I took photos of Trillium.

enjoying our afternoon

Our choice of location turned out to be pefect.  Interupting the quiet were two Common Ravens, probably hoping for a handout.  The strange call of a Red-breasted Sapsucker caught our attention in a tree high overhead.  A Kingfisher could be heard down along the creek. A Red-breasted Nuthatch called from the forest.  A Robin appeared in a sunlit grassy area. A Pacific Wren protested our presence. It has been Jeanette's fantasy to be able to poke around the mountains, parking for the night in available spots as we find them. She is loving it!

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  1. I loved the trip and also the blog with great photos <3