Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finally Nesting Behavior

Today marks the first day that a pair of swallows has gotten serious about starting to build a nest. The male Violet-green Swallow is shown guarding the nesting box while the female is working inside.  This is after arriving around the 20th of March, which strikes me as taking a lot of time to make up their minds.  We have four nesting boxes up this year, and a great amount of inspecting, and posturing has been going on with several pairs of Tree Swallows as well as several pairs of Violet-greens. Dispite my having put up two brand new swallow specific designed nesting boxes, this pair chose the older design.  Only time will tell how and when the other vacancies fill. The lower photo shows the female about to enter the nesting box with nesting materials.  I saw her make several succeful trips with material. This box is right outside my den window, so you can be sure I will be watching.

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