Friday, May 27, 2016

Agitated Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrows seem to be everywhere right now.  Their bright song announces their presence where ever we are.  They are easy to spot feeding on the ground along the paths and trails every place we bird. And like sparrows as a whole I consider them rather mild mannered and quick to flee at a moments notice.  This is why were surprised this morning while birding at Bryan Johnston City Park in South Salem to have a pair of White-crowned Sparrows quite agitated and very vocal in their unhappiness at our presence.  We quickly decided that thy must have a nest near-by that they were defending.  It's definitely that time of year and one of the things that makes birding extra interesting right now.  Yesterday it was a female Black-headed Grosbeak that complained and complained about our presence while we were birding at Wallace Marine City Park.  In fact the male finally showed up to lend support.  And then Jeanette spotted the nest with eggs. We quickly retreated to leave them in peace and with a smile on our faces for the privilege of actually seeing their nest.

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