Friday, July 31, 2015

Pursuing Dragonflies

During the heat of the day yesterday afternoon I decided to try for some photos of Dragonflies on the Lagoon Loop Trail.  They seemed to be out and about and I knew that birds would be scarce this time of day.  There were a lot of Eight-spotted Dragonflies flying around and I got a photo, and I also took several photos of some Red-veined Meadowhawk Dragonflies.  Continuing along the trail I spotted a Black Phoebe.  I was quiet excited to see this member of the Flycatcher Family.  It was a first for me in the Siltcoos Area.  Two minutes after I took the above photo, I took the lower photo----the Black Phoebe with one of my Dragonflies! It was immediately apparent that I was not the only one pursuing Dragonflies. 

1 comment:

  1. I sure am glad to know a man with steady hands and cool nerves to get these awesome pictures. Good job, Birthday Boy