Monday, July 20, 2015

New Fiend and Co-Volunteer

Meet Glenn Pannier, a new friend and soon to be co-volunteer.  We met Glenn some three weeks ago; we were returning to our campground from a walk with Buster when we encountered this person with binoculars, which of course was all we needed to strike up a conversation. After some exchange about birds he asked if we had seen the mother raccoon and babies.  We had not, and based on a brief description of the the location, we set off to find them.  We came up with nothing.  Later that day or the next we found Glenn fishing off of the bridge and quizzed him down more specifically on the location and a subsequent search was successful and resulted in the photos of the raccoons I have posted on this blog.  Because Glenn was camping in Waxmyrtle Campground where we are, and because he is interested in nature like us, our paths continued to cross. He was curious about volunteering, which was the opening Jeanette jumped on, and before you know it Jeanette had an interview set up for Glenn with our boss.  Glenn has shadowed me for several days, learning the ropes and will official began as a volunteer in August. Glenn's interest in nature, and his people skills will make him an excellent fit for the job. We are excited for Glenn and looking forward to being able to continue sharing time and experiences with him.

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