Saturday, July 11, 2015

Challenges & Rewards

We are finding our volunteer position to be very demanding on our time and energy. Conflict some times tests our patience and goodwill almost to the breaking point. The following is a collage  of our day.

These people kayaking down the Siltcoos River were told specifically not to get out or their kayaks because of nesting snowy plovers.  They assured us they had read the signs and would not get out of their kayaks. Yet, even after being confronted afterwards they denied getting out of their kayaks. (I do have a 50x zoom camera.)

Fortunately our days also have rewarding experiences.

 While taking our before work walk with Buster on the Lagoon Loop Trail we heard this noble Bald Eagle crying out while seeking protection in this spruce tree from harassing crows.

Later while hiking towards the beach I checked out a raccoon family we know about and I saw this adult resting on a limb with the juvenile looking out from the nest cavity.

At the mouth of the Siltcoos River I was rewarded with migrating Western Sandpipers taking a bath.

And here is a Western Snowy Plover I photographed this morning in a tire track for size comparison.  This is one of the wonderful tiny creatures we seek to help protect.


  1. So sorry about the people that don't think the rules pertain to them. Very frustrating. Thank you for trying to protect this fragile habitat!

    Thanks for sharing the highlights of your walk as well! Great nature shots.

  2. I know regulations have recently changed... is it still possible to access the wet sand beach if we canoe down the Siltcoos or will we need to stay in the river? We are planning a trip in a couple weeks.

    1. Colette--I'm so glad you asked. No it is not OK to get out of your canoe even on the wet sand now. There are big signs on both sides of the river that say "Do Not Exit Boat", but this is our biggest problem now with people who do not want to comply and we have to call law enforcement. Look us up when you come, we would love to meet you face to face, we are in site 55.

    2. Thanks. I so enjoyed our picnic on the beach the last time we did the Siltcoos, we'll have to plan something different this time.

      I'll be with a group of people, but will try to look you up when we are there.

  3. Colette ---- my supervising ranger gave me some clarification on where it is possible to get out of your canoe. It is OK west of the yellow roped area in the wet sand. I will add that on low tide that may mean that section of the river will only have a few inches of water.

  4. Wonderful photos of nature. Thanks for sharing your adventures and knowledge with us all.