Monday, February 25, 2013

Lake Havasu Boat Tour

Jim Wright took Jeanette and me out on a boat tour of Lake Havasu today.  I met Jim and his wife Jenna originally last month when they showed up for my Bird Hike on the Sunset Trail at Lake Havasu State Park.  They have returned several times and a couple of weeks ago Jim offered to take us out in his sleek bass boat and show us some birding sites on Lake Havasu.

It was quite an education to see the lake from a different perspective, and we were very impressed with the unimaginable number of coves and bays along both the California and Arizona shore lines.  We did see a lot of birds, at least four were new additions to my list for Mohave County, and one bird, the Neotropic Cormorant was a new addition to my Life List.

Copper Canyon

London Bridge


  1. And to think you two would run out of things to do for four months. NOT! NICE!

  2. There's several nice campgrounds on the California side. Empire Landing is one, a nice little one just south (no hook-ups) with several spaces right on the river. I'm missing these as I write.
    Bev Beam - Sherwood, OR missing Arizona/Calif.