Friday, February 1, 2013

January in Review

This male Anna’s Hummingbird is shown zealously defending his territory as male hummingbirds are so known to do. Today we saw 5 different males, each with his section along the Mohave Sunset Trail.  Outside of the American Coot, the Anna’s Hummingbird is probably the most dependable bird to be seen on my daily Guided Bird Hikes. I have now completed a full month of leading bird hikes at Lake Havasu State Park, and in looking back in my notes the tally is 71 people on 18 hikes during which we identified 64 different species of birds. I am pleased with the month, particularly considering the threatened closure of the campground for utility construction.  My appreciation and thanks go out to Supervising Ranger, Cindy Smith, for her vision and determination.  


  1. Wow! 64 species is so impressive. I never tire watching the humming birds but find them the hardest to get a photo of especially with backlighting. Great job as always!