Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stops Along the Way

Our migratory route south this year was developed to include a series of important stops.  The first day involved the stop at Collier Memorial State Park for the purpose of donating all of our Christmas lights and decorations for the park to be able to decorate for Christmas. Our second day’s stop was in Chico to spend time with Tony, Maggie and our youngest grandson, Bobby.  Shown here are Jeanette, her son Tony, and Tony’s son Bobby, three generations. We will spend more time with Bobby and family today.   
Tomorrow we move on to Grass Valley to get a visit in with friend Rudy Thompson who will be turning 100.

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  1. YEAA!!! I'm really having fun! Bobby is one sweet baby and Tony and Maggie are great parents. <3 <3 <3