Friday, October 19, 2012

On The Road Again

I know this is a song you have heard from us before, and it is the reoccurring theme song in our lives.  Adventures are what keep us going, and hopefully they will hold off the inevitability of old age a little longer.
We left our home in Elkton this morning (thanks for breakfast Joan, and dinner Michael & Melissa!) and are headed for our winter’s destination of Arizona.  We took the scenic route up the North Umpqua where this photo was taken and enjoyed the changing fall colors.  Our lunch stop was at Diamond Lake where wind and rain were a little threatening, and from the weather forecast it looks like we are just ahead of the bad weather once again.

After a stop at Collier Memorial State Park where we got a change to streach our legs, this evening we are “parked”, which is an important distinction from “camping”, at the Midland Rest Area south of Klamath Falls.  In the morning we travel on to Red Bluff California where we are scheduled to rendezvous for a camping adventure at Sycamore Campground with Tony & Maggie and grandson Bobby Bear.   


  1. Happy Travels folks. We envy you.

  2. Come visit us again Bill, you know where we will be. Love to here some bandjo music again.