Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winter Migrants


This is a couple of Golden-crowned Sparrows that I was thrilled to see and photograph in Elkton this morning.  They have arrived for the winter after spending their summer up North in Canada or Alaska. They will help fill the void of other birds that were residents here this summer but already left for the winter like Swallows, Osprey, Turkey Vultures, and Rufus Hummingbirds.

On a personal note:  we will soon, in a matter of days, become winter migrants ourselves and head south for the winter.  Beginning in November we will be volunteering at Buckskin Mountain State Park.  This is an Arizona State Park that we have worked at in the past and we really enjoy its location right on the Colorado River on the California / Arizona border. We will be at Buckskin for November and December and then possibly at Lake Havasu State Park for January and February.

And on another personal note, I just noticed that this blog has now past 40,000 page views!