Thursday, October 25, 2012

Desert View RV Resort

Desert View RV Resort, just outside of Needles, is another favorite of ours and a standard stop on our route to and from Arizona.  Their service is superb; they escort to your site and then register you at your site.  Sort, of like a drive up window at a bank or fast food, except in reverse, they come to your window.  Jeanette didn’t even have to get out of the motor home! The park is very clean and well landscaped. This afternoon it’s 80 degrees with a nice breeze.  This will be our last stop in California, tomorrow we cross the Colorado River into Arizona.  At this point I think tomorrow’s stop may be in Wikieup, about half way between here and the Phoenix area.


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  1. Blue sky, oleander, palm trees & not a tornado in sight!