Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guided Bird Walks

A part of my volunteer responsibilities here at Collier Memorial State Park are to lead Guided Bird Walks on Saturday and Sunday.  They are beginning to fall into place for me, developing a rhythm and gaining in popularity and bird counts. Below is a sampling of some of our sightings.

                                          Bald Eagles

                              Western Tanager

                               Song Sparrow

                             Red-breasted Sapsucker

juvenile male Hairy Woodpecker

                              juvenile male Pileated Woodpecker


  1. it's amazing to me the quality of photos you's like you're ten feet away! so happy to see you getting to do these hikes regularly :-)

  2. Thanks Michael, of course a perfectionist is never 100% happy with his work, but we are having a lot of fun here and learning a lot.