Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Squirrels

I caught these baby Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels coming out of their burrow under the pavement a couple of weeks ago, but just missed getting the forth one in the photo.  Two of them look like they are still adjusting to the sun light. They are fun to watch at this age when they are filled with such curiosity and fun antics. We basically have four different species of squirrel here at Collier State Park, Douglas Squirrel, Belding Ground Squirrel, Least Chipmunk, and Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel.  The Belding’s occupy the grassy lawn areas around the office and day use area, but here in the campground these Golden Mantled are the dominating squirrel.  It would be impossible for a camper here at Collier to not notice these guys, and be either amused or annoyed, or in all probability both.  They burrow under the rocks, pavement, trees and fire pits, emerging and fleeing in a scene of constant activity all day long. This is the busy time of year from them, their numbers are at their peak, and they are busy finding all they can to eat before burrowing in for the winter by late October.


  1. mmmmm. Would make good buffalo hot wings for happy hour.

  2. Bill - that is SO totally wrong! (And funny as all get out too!!)