Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rock Formations & New Routes

On Friday’s Nature Hike one of our campers Mike Wacker was very interested in the various rock formations.  Because Jeanette and I like to hike on our days off, I suggested that Jeanette and I could take Mike and his wife Jan on a hike on Saturday and show them some more interesting rock formations. We drove a short ways and then hiked up a wash and through a culvert on an off trail route that we have done before and I knew had some pretty interesting red rock. Further up I noticed a possible side route, and we decided to explore.  It led to an old road that climbed up to a ridge line where we could see not only the wash we had come up but an even larger wash to the south with even more hiking routes.  By continuing on down into this new wash and out another culvert to the old highway we were able to double back to our car. It was sort of like Christopher Columbus; we set out to do one thing and discovered a whole different thing.

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  1. Always an adventure with Jim & Jeanette! I look forward to making some of these hikes next year!