Sunday, February 27, 2011

Latest Addition

The European Starling is the latest addition to the CRITTERS of Cascade Ramblings.  You may be surprised as I certainly was that I didn’t already have its photo and entry in Cascade Ramblings. But it’s true.  I guess it’s really not a bird that you would expect to find on the trail high in the mountains, but they have become so widespread that it’s a bird you can certainly expect to see in your own back yard, or local parks. Its addition represents over a dozen birds that have been added or updated to Cascade Ramblings while at Buckskin Mountain State Park this season.  


  1. Wow very nice and beautiful images I love all the movement photos. Very birds and attractive pose. thank you for the nice and cute post.

  2. Oh really great images and great location I really love this post.