Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving In - Moving Out

I took this photo this morning of this female House Finch moving in to her nest in a Teddy Bear Cholla.  It’s hard to imagine finches being able to build and use a nest in among the sharp spines of a cactus, but this is the second year I have seen this happen.  I am also struck by the irony that the day I see her moving in, is the same day we are packing to move out.  Today is our last day here a Buckskin Mountain State Park, tomorrow morning we move out and start our journey back to Oregon.


  1. Look carefully, her beak is stained purple from eating ripe olives.

  2. We wish you a safe journey home! Are you coming through the Sacramento valley as you head home?

  3. Yes we are. We are at the Orange Grove RV Park outside of Bakerfield tonight. Tomorrow we will be at Dos Reis County Park tomorrow. Thusday we unhook the toad and drive onto Oakland and San Fran to see Jeanette's boys. Friday we head over to 101 and head to Oregon to meet some friends at Bullards Beach State Park. Jim