Friday, February 25, 2011

More Flowers!

Scorpionweed is now also starting to bloom.  Although actually a weed as the name implies, in the rather drab environs of the desert any color is appreciated.  With the different plants starting to blossom it’s a little hard to think of leaving, but Monday is the last day of the month and our last day here at Buckskin for the season.  We head back to Oregon starting Tuesday morning. At the present our plans call for stops at Bakersfield and Lathrop, and then up the Northern California Coast avoiding the snow and ice of the Siskiyous.


  1. It has to be hard to leave when then spring blossoms are showing their splendor, but looking @ today's radar maps. It looks likes good timing (hopefully siskiyous should be thawed). Drive careful & keep us posted!

  2. Beautiful Flower and nice posting . thanks