Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tour of the North Oregon Coast - Day Three

Nehalem Bay State Park
Nehalem Spit
We spent the morning walking south through the campgrounds and out the spit to the bay.  It was a good morning, lots of sunshine and we were able to find a fair diversity of birds.  You can check out our bird list here.  We only saw two other people on the spit, they also had a dog and were from Salem, in fact West Salem.  Small world. 

At lunch back at the van, we realized that we needed to change sites for our second night here.  Our neighbors accross the way had a parrot type bird that was a very annoying.  We couldn't tell if its owner or the bird that kept yelling about something.  Particularly annoying for us as birders was the fact that the bird had a wistle that sounded almost the same as the "weep" call of a Hermit Thrush.  We were constantly checking ourselves not to look for a thrush.  After lunch we unplugged and moved to a new site, # E-2.  Peace and quiet reigns. 

Campsite # E-2

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  1. Great photos of all the birds. The detail in the harrier is amazing!