Saturday, March 26, 2016

Birds of Prey from our Backyard

The Merlin in the above photo was spotted yesterday in a neighborhood tree while we were taking our dog Buster for a late afternoon walk.  If you look closely will notice she has a small bird in her talons. Merlins are members of the Falcon Family, and we have enjoyed watching this bird or similar bird on this tree from our living room for the past three winters.  Merlins breed in the far north, but winter here.  I noticed when looking at my recond in eBird that we see them from our back yard from October through March.  We are paying close attention now because any day she will be gone for the season.

This is a an adult Cooper's Hawk, a year around bird here in Salemtowne. They are able to make a good living by visiting the numerous feeders in the backyards of our community.  This photo was taken this past week.  I was busy counting the birds that we in our backyard at the seed and suet feeders when this hawk flew past.  Suddently all twelve species disappeared, not a single little bird could be seen. I provide food for the small birds and they provide food for the larger birds.  I can live with that, it is the natural order of things.

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