Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trillium Time

While volunteering every Wednesday at the Salem AudubonNature Reserve I have been so focused on birds that I have neglected paying enough attention to wildflowers.  That changed over coffee at McDonalds after our work session yesterday when the conversation turned to a newly sighted Chocolate Lily, and various locations of Giant Trilliums. Later in the afternoon while at home I couldn’t get the flowers out of my mind so I made a second trip to the Reserve just to photograph wildflowers. Most people are familiar with the more common Western Trillium, but the GiantTrillium as shown here is a little more unusual.  Not only is it larger as the name implies, but its leaves have a mottled look, and even more unusual, it come in a variety of flower colors from white to different deep reds.


  1. Great sightings of these very unique ambassadors of spring! Thanks for the photos.

  2. Beautiful! I've never seen red Trilliums growing in the wild.

  3. As we slowly and steadily remove the invasive plants, particularly English ivy, the natives are popping up to take advantage of the restoration of their habitat. Besides the trilliums in modest numbers, the fawn lilies are sprouting profusely under the Indian plums. Lee