Friday, March 14, 2014

Lamb's Tongue

I stopped by the Salem Audubon Nature Reserve this morning to check on the bird population, but got distracted with the new wildflowers coming into blossom, particularly this one. It is most commonly known as FawnLilly, but I remember my mother and her mother always affectionately referring to them as Lamb's Tongue. I’m thinking of my mother tonight as I write this.  Her 97th birthday is on Sunday.  When I visited her this afternoon I told her I had just seen and photographed some Lamb's Tongue, a sure sign of spring.  Unfortunately in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease she was unable to respond. I have the impression that she once told me they were called Lamb's Tongue because they bloom in the spring when the new lambs are born.  


  1. Thanks for the special post.

  2. You will never forget that wonderful tale, and most certainly happened exactly the way you remember it. How nice!