Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Trilliums of Spring

We went to Darrow Bar, an eBird Hot Spot, yesterday afternoon to look for birds, but our attention quickly turned to wildflowers after sighting our first Trilliums of the year. Afternoon is usually a poor time to look for birds and they were a little scarce so it was easy to turn our attention to wildflowers. The Trilliums were poking up through large expanses of Bleeding Heart foliage which will be calling us back to this location later to see their blossoms. Toothwort, shown in the lower photo, was also in bloom, reminding us of another early wildflower we have enjoyed so much in past springs. Darrow Bar is only a few miles from our doorstep so I am sure we will be returning to enjoy these woodsy trails again.

1 comment:

  1. So exciting to see the trilliums each spring! I am glad you have found so many great places to explore and enjoy close to home. We will be expecting to see those native Bleeding Heart photos soon!