Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buster at the Beach

I woke up to rain this morning, and it continued to look threatening, so when I got to Millicoma Marsh I left Buster in the motor home while I went birding. After lunch I made it up to him, the sun came out, and we drove out to Cape Argo and stopped at Bastendorff Beach so he could get in a good run. He loves to run in the soft sand at full speed. I elected to stay tonight at Oceanside RV Park; it looked so inviting with its open sites in the full sunshine as compared to the shady sites at the less expensive Bastendorff Beach County Park next door.  So I’m in complete luxury tonight with all the electricity I want, cable TV, and free Internet, plus water and sewer which I don’t need yet. For a day with a poor weather forecast, it turned out amazingly nice.   


  1. Looks like Buster has all the beach he could possibly want! Nice picture.

  2. I think he is looking for Jeanette ;)