Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birding at Wild Mare

After surviving our perilous journey from Powers we settled into a peaceful overnight stay and some birding at Wild Mare Horse Camp.  Located in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, the Wild Mare Horse Camp is a campground constructed for horse users with a horse corral in each site. Because our preferred campground at Bluebill Lake next door is still closed for the season and Wild Mare is open and empty we selected a site there. When I first stepped out from the RV yesterday morning the first bird I heard was a Wrentit like the one shown above.  They are easy to hear but hard to see.  We heard over a dozen of them during our morning of birding.  This particular Wrentit I brought out of the bushes by whistling its song, enabling me to get this photo.  Although they are shy birds that prefer to stay hidden, but their curiosity seems to get the best of them. 

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