Monday, March 7, 2011

Home at Last

Home at last, thank God, I’m home at last.  I realize this is a very loose paraphrasing of the late Dr. King, but it is the feeling that is escaping from my soul today.  We have been on the road and driving for a solid week.   We arrived in our quiet little town of Elkton late this morning.  For the last 24 hours we have been gazing at the green of Oregon, and absorbing the moist air into our lungs. It’s great to be home. We have been asked by several people to bring the sunshine with us.  I don’t know that we did—we seem to have a mix of rain showers and sunny spots.  But it was almost like we did bring back one of our birds with us.  We saw a Black Phoebe off our front porch when we arrived.  We saw them daily in Arizona, and have seen them in California, but I don’t ever remember seeing one in Oregon.  I’m taking it as a good omen----there will be birding in my days ahead.  


  1. I'll bet you're glad to be off the road, welcome home.

  2. Welcome home and nice idea fantastic this post really nice thought of home . thanks