Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Heron

We spotted this adult Green Heron on the far bank of a pond, and if you know about Green Herons you know that they are very elusive birds, so I was a little surprised that it turned out to be the best photo of the day today. Last night the plan had been to drive to Reedsport in the morning and go birding on the levee, but this morning when I looked at the Trip Check road cam it was raining in Reedsport. It wasn’t raining here, nor in the valley, so we amended the plan and drove to Cottage Grove to bird at the Row River Nature Park.  It turned out to be a good decision as this park is loaded with birds.  I was here a few weeks ago, but this was Jeanette’s first time. We identified everything from diminutive Ruby-crowned Kinglets, to huge Bald Eagles, 23 species in all.  


  1. Beautiful color shot with the new camera!

  2. The green heron is so unique, as usual, a great photo! I was so surprised last year, the first time I saw one, on Cascade Ramblings of course, I hope to see one real time some day!!