Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wild Turkeys

One of the birds we see regularly on our daily walks in Elkton are Wild Turkeys.  My guess is that the common name of “Wild Turkey” is meant to distinguish these turkeys from those that are grown commercially, but they birds are anything but wild.  They make themselves right at home in Elkton, wandering from yard to yard, up and down the streets.  They dig in the flower gardens and poop on the sidewalks.  Right now they are starting to get more color to them as they move into the mating season. And as luck would have it my new camera has a setting for vivid colors, which I think is going to work well for bird photos.


  1. I had one in our yard today too!! What is your new camera?

  2. Its a Canon Power Shot SX30IS. Love the 35x zoom and the image stabilizer really works.