Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thee Days of Birding

This photo of a Red-tailed Hawk tearing apart an American Coot kind of caps off the last three days of intense birding here at Santee Lakes.  I already posted our Monday birding experience.  Tuesday’s effort was in getting good photographs.  I returned to the coach with 65 great photos of a variety of birds, but in attempting to download the photos into the computer I mistakenly deleted all the photos in the camera. Very bad!  Today my goal was to recapture as many photos of birds as I could. But the sun never really made it out, with the result being very poor light conditions.  I took 42 photos in the morning, but nothing was really new or exciting.  I made another try this afternoon and was lucky to have some people point out this feeding hawk to me. I’ve now added a dozen new photos to the Critters section of Cascade Ramblings since we have been here at Santee Lakes.  And, one other milestone, it has now been a month since we left home.   

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