Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santee Lakes

This is the view from my recliner at our campsite in the Sycamore Loop at Santee Lakes.  You can see Buster’s nose in the corner from his position of sitting on my lap.  Soon after taking this photo we moved inside to the comforts of air conditioning. Our thermometer read 89 in the shade; too hot. It is expected to cool in the next few days and we will be more comfortable.  We are not complaining, as we feel very fortunate to be here in this amazing park, particularly after yesterday’s experience of driving through LA.  I referred to it as driving through the belly-of-the-beast. We arrived here pretty frazzled yesterday afternoon, but we have settled in today and are looking forward to our stay of a week or so.  


  1. are you guys volunteering anywhere this winter?? I drove by your spot in Arizona last year but was in a rush so didn't stop. Going back down again, leaving as soon as the weather allows. Would like to look you up.
    Take care, be safe -- Bev Beam

  2. Yes Bev, we will be at Buckskin Mountain State Park from the first of January till the end of February. Would be great to meet you in person.