Saturday, February 20, 2010

iPod Touch

Yesterday, last night, and today have pretty much been absorbed in purchasing and getting running two iPod Touches for Jeanette and I. I haven’t seen a need for one until recently when people started showing up for my Bird Walks with them and then they were able to show the group what the bird we were trying to identify looked like. Last week my interest heated up to a full boil when Bill Geible was here and showed me his iPod Touch with the birding shoftware even with audible birdcalls. I had to have one. Combined with our Verizon MiFi, which we already have, we will be able to access the Internet, which opens up all kinds of possibilities. Jeanette and I will be using each of ours differently, while I will be using mine a lot for birding, she will enjoy being able to down load and play game apps. The one thing we will both enjoy equally is being able to easily check our e-mail with out dragging out our laptops and waiting for them to load.

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