Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Oregon Coast for 4 Days - Day One

We noticed some days of sunshine at the coast and were able to block out a few days in our schedule to take our Cascade Campers van for some adventure time. We were feeling like we needed to escape the confines of the Pandemic and political chaos, to name a couple of reasons. We left Dallas before 8:00, and traveled south on 99, a stop at Monroe City park to stretch our legs, then on south on Territorial Highway and west on Highway 126 to Florence.  First stop was Fred Meyer to pickup assorted items we realized we needed.  Next we went to check out potential camping sites, starting with Alder Dunes campground.  There we found they were open, and practically empty with the sites costing $24, but half off with Senior Pass.  Next we checked out Sutton campground, same story. We had one more option in the area, Harbor Vista County Park, where we had a credit to use, which would feel like camping for free.  They had four sites available and we selected the nicest one, #31 - 30 dollars a night with water and electricity.  Lunch and then down the trail to the North Jetty Mudflats.  Excise, sunshine, and birds was what we needed to make our day.   
Jeanette on the North Jetty Mudflats

Pelagic Cormorant

Hooded Merganser

Western Gull

Using the picnic table as the center for our camp life, to cook, eat, and do computer work, put us back in our minds of camping on our bike tour from Canada to Mexico in 1999. Of course then we did not have a laptop with us, we used a tiny device called Pocket Mail, on which we daily reported our travels.   During the past twenty years of RV travels, with larger RVs, all these activities took place in the RV.  With the small size of our present Cascade Campers van it does feel more like camping. 

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