Monday, October 26, 2020

Checking on Lyons City Park

Jeanette checks for birds at Lyons City Park

 The devastating wildfires that swept through the Santiam Canyon this past month have caused us to be concerned about Lyons City Park and wonder if it survived, so yesterday morning we took a drive to find out.  Much to our relief, both the Lyons City Park and the next door John Neil County Park were OK.  We spent some time birding, and it seemed quite normal.  You can see our bird list for Lyons City Park here, and for John Neil County Park here.

We first discovered Lyons City Park as a birding location back in December of 2013. Here is the Cascade Ramblings Trip Journal for that trip. I looked back in the eBird records and in the passing years we have birded there twenty nine times. You can easily conclude it has been a favorite area of ours and we were relieved to find it survived unscathed. We did see some campers in the John Neil County Park, and learned from the bulletin board that the campground was for fire evacuees only.


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  1. That is goodnews especially after the devastation we witnessed along Salmon Creek on our birding trip to Nestucca Bay NWR!