Friday, November 15, 2019

The Magic of Digital Photography

While birding at Brush College City Park in West Salem yesterday we came upon a Pacific Wren.  We heard it first, and both Jeanette and I broke into smiles.  Years ago in our hiking days these little birds were called Winter Wrens, and were indeed one of our favorite brids along a winter trail.  I particullay remember them along the trail to Shellburg Falls.  Almost always they were heard before being seen.  They are busy little critters, and sometimes hard to photograph as they pop around just out of sight in the thick brush and ferns  I knew I might not get lucky enough to get a close-up photo, so I snapped a photo in the area where it was last seen. And here is where the magic of digital photograph comes into play.  The top and bottom photos are the same photo.  The difference is the bottom is a cropped version, and in it we can find our little Pacific Wren patiently hiding. Only a half dozen sightings have been reported to eBird here in this park, and this is the first photo.

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  1. Great post! Without digital cameras
    I would have not been able to ID many birds over the years!