Monday, November 25, 2019

Dallas Retirement Village

This past week we took the big step forward in the next phase of our life, committing to a unit in the Dallas Retirement Village. A year and a half ago, we started exploring the possibility of moving to the Dallas Retirement Village.  We liked what we found, particularly in The Lodge Residences, and went on a waiting list for a unit in a new wing to be constructed.  That time frame continued to be moved out, with a construction completion of April of 2021, but we have continued to wait patiently. Then, to our complete surprise,  this past week we were notified that a unit on the second floor of the present wing in The Lodge had become available. After meeting with Tawnya the Sales and Marketing Director, and touring the unit we signed up and are now in the process of acquiring unit 2204.

Our unit is on the middle floor

Yesterday we went to spend some additional time at Dallas Retirement Village to refresh our memory of The Lodge Residences layout, our floor plan, and the campus. After roaming the hallways,  checking out entrances, stairways, elevators and  services, and imagining placement of furniture in our unit, we had a picnic lunch at the  Pavilion. Of course we can't help noticing birds, and so right away I started making a list and taking photos. 

Golden-crowned Kinglet

black-eyed male Bushtit

yellow-eyed female Bushtit

After lunch Jeanette did some Thanksgiving shopping at the new Grocery Outlet, which is conveniently located just next door.  Buster and I did a little more walking though the campus.  I discovered this bird house, which was amazing in light of the fact that during our many visits this is the first bird house I have seen.  I found it quite encouraging to think that we will be meeting like minded people living here. 

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