Thursday, June 25, 2015

Great, Great, Great Herons

After three days of being at home in West Salem we are back to the coast. It is a glorious morning here on the Siltcoos and we did our favorite morning ritual, a bird walk on the Lagoon Loop Trail. I spotted this Great Blue Heron, and even though I have more than enough photos of Great Blue Herons, this one high in a Sitka Spruce tree with a blue sky background seemed too good to pass up.
While I was talking this first photo Jeanette said, "How many Herons do you see?"  I took a second look at the tree and above the first heron I saw the second one. So I took a photo of it.
Then Jeanette said, "look again, there is a third Heron way in the top".  Sure enough, up near the top was this immature Heron.
Three Herons during a bird walk is grand enough, but three Herons in the same tree at the same time is over the top. We're guessing Dad, Mom, and Junior.

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