Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back Yard Entertainment

For the last several days I have been under the weather with a bad cold which has kind of limited my birding to staring out the windows to our back yard. At times even that limited process can be quite entertaining.  Yesterday was a good example.  We have a variety of feeders in our back yard and attract a good number of little songbirds, warblers, sparrows, and finches, probably close to a dozen different species.  And these little birds are what attracts the bird eating hawks.  Yesterday morning an adult Sharp-shinnedHawk swooped in and all the little guys scattered.  In the afternoon this immature Copper’s Hawk stopped by and again all was quiet at the feeders. Any time I look out into our backyard and it is devoid of little birds at the feeders it’s a safe bet one of these hawks has just made a pass.  I know they are some times successful as we found a pile of feathers the other day.


  1. Sorry you are not feeling well. Thanks for sharing your backyard show!

  2. are you still down? ..miss your travels! Stephanie

    1. Thanks for your concern Stephanie. We are almost back to normal. What we need now is some nice sunny weather. :)