Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Different Kind of Bird

Most of the time when we are out birding, Buster is occupied with searching for squirrels.  But today while we were taking a quick walk at Maude Williamson State Recreation Site he found something different, a chicken.  Notice how he appears to be on point. He wasn't sure what to do, and after a few seconds make a half hearted attempt to chase the chicken.  The chicken wasn't bothered much with Buster, and with a few flaps of his wings kept out of range. It soon became apparent that the chicken was more interested in a hand-out. The only thing I had to offer the begging chicken was some dog food, which after trying was rejected. 


  1. Thank goodness you had your faithful pointer/guard dog there to protect you from that potentially dangerous creature!

  2. I stopped by to catch up on recent posts and what do I find ... a chicken! I can just see Buster all wired up over a chicken.

  3. Is a Rhode Island Red? Lee