Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hike to Snaggy Point

Our friends Kerry & Debbie Kliever, who incidentally have also moved to Salemtowne, are spending a few days visiting with us at the coast.  They are in their Safari TREK motor home staying at Seal Rocks RV Cove. They have a little dog named Max who is a great companion with our dog Buster. They are similar size and disposition and make great hiking buddies. Yesterday morning we all went hiking up to Snaggy Point here at Beaver Creek SNA. This is the location that I photographed Elk last summer.  We were not so fortunate to see any Elk this trip, but did get in a good four mile plus hike.  We had lunch at the Chowder Bowl in Newport, took a tour of the Yaquina Light House, and after I had a quick nap, we had dinner at Nana’s Irish Pub. A pretty good way to spend our day off.  

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