Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello from Beaver Creek

I took this selfie of Jeanette and me today while we were working in the Welcome Center here at Beaver Creek State Natural Area.  We are several days into our new job and seeking to find a rhythm to work and play as we settle in to this month long volunteer position. We now know our days off will be Monday and Tuesday.  We man the Welcome Center from 12 to 4 Wednesday through Sunday. That should be just four hours a day, but so far it is adding up to more like six hours. We were discouraged to discover that our cell phones are for the most part inoperable, but the park has provided us with a personal land line this year.  So if you want to call us in our RV the number is 541-563-6423, but if it is during work hours, the office number is 541-563-6413.  


  1. Nice welcoming committee! Sorry about the phones. Is that going to impact your ability to do your CR blog?

    1. I walk over to the Welcome Center to work on my Blog. Not as convenient as doing it in the motor home, but it works.

  2. We have not been getting any calls in the RV, but discovered last night that the ringer was turned off.