Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready on the Launch Pad

Our RV sits ready in our driveway this morning, ready to blast off in the morning for our next volunteer position. In fact, tomorrow starts our 15th year of volunteer hosting. It all began in the summer of 2000 when we volunteered for The Nature Conservancy in the far North East corner of Oregon at the Clear Lake Ridge Nature Preserve, where we stayed in a remote cabin.  That was followed with volunteer positions with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at several hatcheries, administrative offices, and wildlife areas.  Most winters have been spent volunteering for several Arizona State Parks, and summer jobs with different Oregon State Parks. As I look back on past years we have had an amazing variety of adventures and experiences.

Monday we begin a month’s stay at Beaver Creek State Natural Area, an Oregon State Park, on the Oregon Coast south of Newport.  This is the same location that we spent two and a half months last summer as volunteer hosts at the Welcome Center.  A good number of our readers found us there last summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone that’s able to make it again this year.    


  1. If you two got paid for these positions, I'd have to ride your backs with the line "Can't you two hold a steady job?" Seriously, it is awesome that you continue to challenge yourselves mentally and physically as you journey through time! Have fun!!

  2. Without your volunteerism we would never have met. You two are wonderful examples of giving back. We're glad we got to visit Beaver Creek with you earlier this year and trust your month-long stay at BC will generate more wonderful epistles. :)